In 1974 I started removing honey bees from a home with Craig Jones, a friend of mine who is no longer into beekeeping--even though I have attempted on many of occasions to get him back into the many worlds of beekeeping.

Having enjoyed beekeeping, it seemed a natural evolution in 1986 to start up my pest control company Bee Busters, Inc.   It is hard to believe that more than 25 years have passed since then. Obviously the passion is still there--and our beekeeping research projects have never stopped.  Since our existence we have been members of the national, state and local pest control organizations, and have written a comprehensive article on honey bees for the national pest control magazine.  In the wintertime, we go to Florida to do volunteer work with Africanized honey bees.  To me personally, I feel like I have been blessed more than anyone on this planet, and my customers are the best people on this planet.  My wife Martha goes with me on many jobs and helps with invoicing and paperwork. 

Together we started the annual "Mid-Atlantic Organic Honey Bee Convention" in Richmond, Virginia in March of 2012--and have plans scheduled for the same in March 2016.  We experience over-the-top joy at these conventions because of the high intensity upper level beekeeping presented by world-class speakers.  A firestorm of learning awaits all.  We are indebted to our webmaster Chip Hughes for creating our websites and making it easy to register for the upcoming convention at which seating is limited.  For more information check out/click on

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